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“The distance friendship”: A short story created from my dream

I am a person with lot of dreams. No, that’s not right. I dream a lot.. Well, literally, I have lot of dreams when I sleep. Some would be a fantasy right from the children’s fairytales; some would be like a Harry Potter; some would be like a Kollywood / Hollywood movie; some would be like a Korean drama. The interesting thing is I remember the details. The rate of remembrance declines as the next sleep in schedule arises. I have recurring dreams as well. However, very rarely do I jot it down. When I used to jot, I will stay analyzing it causing me to overthink my life. But today, I thought I would write it out and fill the gaps giving it a rest to my analytical brain.

Disclaimer: this is my own imagination and thoughts. Some of the names are taken from my dreams and some are fictious. But throughout the dream, the emotions were real to me and I have tried to depict it in the story. I neither read novels/stories/story blogs nor write. This is a small attempt, instead of putting the ideas into sketches. Please pardon any errors.

Click on the pic to view the .pdf

The distance friendship